NEK Community Broadband

NEK Broadband is working to bring high speed Internet to every home and business in the Northeast Kingdom. As part of this effort, NEK Broadband has partnered with Kingdom Fiber.

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NEK Community Broadband is a Communications Union District(CUD) working to provide every E911 business and residential address in the northeastern Vermont with access to a minimum speed of 100 Mbps, symmetrical at an affordable price.

This municipal body was formed on town meeting, March 3, 2020 with 27 towns across 3 counties. Below is the list of the 30 towns that currently make up the CUD:


  • Barnet
  • Burke
  • Danville
  • Groton
  • Hardwick
  • Kirby
  • Lyndon
  • Newark
  • Peacham
  • Ryegate
  • Sheffield
  • St. Johnsbury
  • Stannard
  • Sutton
  • Waterford
  • Wheelock


  • Wolcott


  • Brighton
  • Concord
  • East Haven


  • Albany
  • Barton
  • Coventry
  • Craftsbury
  • Glover
  • Greensboro
  • Irasburg
  • Lowell
  • Westfield
  • Westmore
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